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Aynaijablog Episode Stories  Full List{ Title& Link To Read}    :

1- Afraid To Love>  Read through the link>CLICK HERE<  {Complete story}  
2-  Shade of Lust Season 1>Read through the link>>> CLICK HERE<< (Complete Story)
3- PHOBIA FOR LOVE>>CLICK HERE<.. {Complete story}
4- Father's Pain>>>CLICK HERE< (Complete Story)
5- Dragon King>>>>>CLICK HERE<< Ongoing Story
6- Clara {The State Governor Daughter}>>>>CLICK HERE<<  (Complete Story)
7-  Shade of Lust Season 2>Read through the link}>>CLICK HERE<<   (Complete story) 
8- Bigger than Love>>> >>CLICK HERE<<<  (Complete Season 1)
(Ongoing Story) 
9) Hot Beans (Short Comedy Story)>>>>>CLICK HERE<< ( Complete Story)
10) Agonies Of A House help>>>>>CLICK HERE<< (Complete Story)
11) My Woman, My Everything>>>CLICK HERE<<< (Complete Story)
12) Broken Promises>>Click Here<<< (Complete Story)
13) Painful Pleasure>>>>CLICK HERE<<< ( Complete Story)
14) THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGTER AND I>>> >> CLICK HERE<<< ( Complete Story)
16) RABBIT LOVE >>>>CLICK HERE<<  (Complete Story)
17) UNDILUTED LOVE >>>>CLICK HERE<<  ( Complete Story)
18) ALL FOR YOU Season 1>>>CLICK HERE<< (Complete story)
19) All For You Season 2>>>>>CLICK HERE<<< (Ongoing story)
20) TOCHI{short story}>>>CLICK HERE<< (Complete story)
21) My Adaobi >>>CLICK HERE<< (Complete story)
22) All That Glitters >>>CLICK HERE<< (Complete Story)
23) Almost Perfect>>>CLICK HERE<<(Complete Story)

24) No More Room For Love >>CLICK HERE<<( Complete Story)

25) The Last Survivors>Click Here<< (Ongoing Story)

26) The Mortuary Man >>>CLICK HERE<<  ( Complete Story)

27) Voice For The Poor >>CLICK HERE<<  ( Complete Story)

28) Crush To Crash >>>CLICK HERE<< (Comptplete Story)

29) The Reward>>>CLICK HERE<< (Complete Story)
30) Love Me Again >>>CLICK HERE<<  (Complete Story)

31) Last Smile>>>CLICK HERE<< (Complete Story) 

32) The Wedding Contract >>CLICK HERE<< (Complete  story) 

33) 45 Days >>CLICK HERE<<  (Complete  story) 

33) TOO LATE TO CLAIM >>CLICK HERE<<  (Complete story) 

34) RISEN DEVILS , FALLEN ANGEL>>>Click Here<< ( Complete Story) 

35)  TEMILADE >>>CLICK HERE<< (  Complete story) 

36}  WHAT A LIFE >>>CLICK HERE<< ( Complete story)

37) The Painful Pleasure >>>>CLICK HERE<< (Ongoing Story)

38) Birthday Murder >>>CLICK HERE<< (Ongoing story)

39) Tears of a helpless woman >>CLICK HERE<<  (Ongoing Story)

More coming soon!
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