1.  They can talk and chat openly even crack jokes with you on social media but in real life they are ice.

2.  They fit pass you for road simply because of their shyness. They can stay indoors for weeks without minding.

3.  Very calculative, clingy, little touch of hot temper, romantic with one they love. They hardly fall in love but once they fall, it's over because they don't joke with that person.

4.  They hardly cheat. Before you see them, dem don see you(so sensitive). They can read people's mind before you could say it, they rarely have friends and associate in any activities, always not comfortable staying in a place full of people and always like staying alone.

5.  They hardly talk in the midst of people but talkative when they are with their lovely one.

People usually see them as too proud people but they are not.

6.  They can endure alot but don't push them or take them for granted because once they decide, you have lost them kpatakpata.

7.  They are too emotional. They don't easily forget bad things someone did to them.

8.  They hardly share their problems to anybody or ask people for assistance no matter what they are passing through.

9.  You won't easily observe the kind of person untill you get closer to them.

They are unpredictable and stubborn.

If you're on this table, gather here let's know ourselves oooo... This is so true 

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