10 True Secrets About Women, No 5 Will Clear Your Doubt

10 True Secrets About Women, No 5 Will Clear Your Doubt


1. When a woman is angry, she doesn't

mean over half of what she says. If possible, always hug her to calm her down or kiss her.

2. A woman is such a "school" you will never graduate from. So don't kill yourself.

3.  A woman hardly forget things. She remembers hurts more.

If you cheat & she says she forgives you, bro, sleep with one eye open.

4. A woman loving you is far better than money ritual. She will move mountains for you. 

5. There's no woman existing that doesn't like money. They all do. It's in their genes.

6. Women are the most secretive creature of God. If she doesn't want you to know something, bro, you won't know shii'. 

7. All women love to be begged. Men often miss out on this.

Yes, please handle them like babies, sometimes, it's all they want.

8. A woman can be very bitter now, and a very sweet angel later on. It all lies in your approach.

9. The most difficult time for a woman is when she is away from the man she truly loves. She can get distressed.

10. All women have a unique character like salt. Their presence might not be noticed but their absence makes all things tasteless.

I hope am on points?

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