Mohbad: Police Unveils Heartbreaking Reason Why Teargas Was Deployed To Disperse Protesters In Lekki

Police Unveils Heartbreaking Reason Why They Used Teargas To Disperse Protesters In Lekki

The Lagos State Police Command have finally provided an explanation

for their deployment of tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Lekki, Lagos, on Mohbad's candle night.


rince Olumuyiwa highlighted the heights Mohbad's admirers and fans were portraying at the precise moment when they were meant to be fully understood.

He went on to say that some of the procession members were smoking and drinking during what was supposed to be a sad time for them.

His Statement:

"Mohbad: Procession is different from protest. It's not even an ordinary procession, but a candle light procession to honour the dead. I was shocked when I saw some of the so-called processioners in lagos yesterday. I experienced the recklessness, unruly, and unpalatable conducts of some of them. Smoking, drinking heavily, driving recklessness, before they eventually moved to take over and block the Lekki Tollgate. I was personally on the ground at the venue and felt sad as I noticed many didn't know the purpose for that gathering. Many were not in sobber mood, no idea of the event, nor decorum. I have said it that we need to be cautious and mature while driving home our demands or fighting for a course. Are we genuinely seeking justice for Mohbad? Or, are certain individuals out again to execute the plans of their "masters" to cause brouhaha?. We need to be objective when we fight a bottle. I reiterate again that the police will do the needful to carry out diligent investigations into the alleged moder case. We need to be patient and support the police in this course. Thanks

Police Unveils Heartbreaking Reason Why They Used Teargas To Disperse Protesters In Lekki


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