Israel Iron Dome: Untold Story About The Lives Saving Defense System

Israel Iron Dome: Untold StoryAbout The Lives Saving Defense System

1.) It's an Israeli, mobile, all-weather air defense system

2.) Designed to intercept

and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells, ranging from 2.5 miles to 43 miles away

3.) From 2001 to 2021, the United States donated over $1.6 Billion to the Iron Dome Defense System

4.) Since its deployment, it has intercepted THOUSANDS of rockets and artillery shells

5.) Has three central components: detection and tracking radar, battle management and weapon control, and a missile firing unit

6.) A typical Iron Dome battery has 3-4 launchers (20 missiles per launcher)

7.) It has proved invaluable for the Israeli People and continues to protect them today.

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