WURA SEASON 2 Release Date: Good News For Viewers

WURA SEASON 2 Release Date: Good News For Viewers

 To those asking when Wura season two will be out, it's starting this week.

WURA, the fiery gold that rusteth not,

Gone through fire, hurt by fire and now Fire,

Talks in a true humbug way, a rare bravery she's got,

Having a sangfroid personality, with a fake caring attire.

Oh WURA, A mother that murders other mothers children,

Killing fathers with no mercy, strictly business,

She who rejoices in schadenfreude, killing humans like hen, 

She can really win 'the most wicked woman' in the records of Guinness.

WURA, the nightmare of Iperindo, a conqueror among warriors,

Everything is fair in Love and War, her mine is her delight,

Her gold mine is her love, the honest men are the warriors,

Everything she does and will do, will always be right.

Watch out!

Credit: Roza Lina

Anticipate season 2πŸ”₯

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