When it comes to the issue of Exes in your relationship, I wish people would be honest and sincere. Who is an Ex,

someone you have ended a love relationship with? In other words, the relationship is dead or has expired, it has no life so you don’t feed it. Who in their right sense will keep feeding a dead animal, knowing it's dead? 

Entertaining is feeding, once the animal eats the food then it is not dead. In another sense, the one people call an Ex is not an Ex because the relationship is still very much alive. 

Again, when you are done with a relationship, it does not mean your brain has been formatted or the memories you had with your Ex has been deleted. Why would you want to give attention to someone you want to leave behind? Entertaining them means you don’t want to let them go.

The fact that you ended a relationship with someone does not make the person your enemy. Ideally, one is expected to learn from that relationship and move on. Leave the relationship in the past. An Ex is never a future or present of anyone unless the said person is not an Ex as perceived. 

You are supposed to build your relationship with your new partner, bond with them, get to know them, create memories etc. The way we talk and interact with others shows the kind of relationship we have with them. If the relationship is dead, there is nothing to talk about when your Ex calls or vice versa. 

Strangely, we have people in committed relationships who are constantly entertaining their Exes, they talk with them for minutes and hours on end. Talking about what? The past, of course, reliving the memories, missing each other, re-binding with them.

These are the people who defend their Exes, protect them and make their current partner feel like they mean nothing to them. Yet these people will not be happy if their partners entertain their Exes. 

People guilty of this behaviour try to make statements such as your Ex is not your enemy.

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