Nigeria Plunges Into Darkness: Untold Story Why NLC Shut Down National Grid, Releases Names Of Affected Stations

 Nigeria Plunges Into Darkness: Untold Story Why NLC Shut Down National Grid, Releases Names Of Affected Stations

"Nigeria Plunged into Darkness as Workers Go on Strike"

The company in charge of Nigeria's power supply, Transmission Company of Nigeria, has announced that the country's power grid has been completely shut down.

This happened after workers' unions, including the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress, started an indefinite strike today, Monday.

The workers are protesting the government's failure to increase the minimum wage and reduce the cost of electricity.

The power grid shutdown happened at 2:19 am on June 3, 2024, and has left the entire country without electricity.

The company reported that some of its staff were injured by people enforcing the strike."

In a statement issued by its GM Public Affairs on Monday, TCN said “informs the general public that the labour union has shut down the national grid, resulting in a blackout nationwide”. It said, “The national grid shutdown occurred at about 2.19am this morning, June 3, 2024.

“At about 1:15 am this morning, the Benin Transmission Operator under the Independent System Operations unit of TCN reported that all operators were driven away from the control room and that staff that resisted were b+aten while some were wounded in the course of forcing them out of the control room and without any form of control or supervision, the Benin Area Control Center was brought to zero.

“Other transmission substations that were shut down, by the Labour Union include the Ganmo, Benin, Ayede, Olorunsogo, Akangba and Osogbo Transmission Substations. Some transmission lines were equally opened due to the ongoing activities of the labour union. On the power generating side, power generating units from different generating stations were forced to shut down some units of their generating plants, the Jebba Generating Station was forced to shut down one of its generating units while three others in the same substation subsequently shut down on very high frequency.

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