How To Get Impressions On X-Twitter With Small Followers

How To Get Impressions On X With Small Followers

 How To Get Impressions On X With Small Followers

To benefit from X largesse the minimum impressions in penultimate

3 months is 5million. This may look too huge especially for those of us who are not public figures with few followers count - v

but it is doable.

To be honest, it is very challenging for an account to get engagements if they are not known figures with less that 20-100k organic following. In fact, a couple of people put up sensible contents but their content stay on their timelines with Twitter algorithm not taking them to TLs of other users due to their relative not so large followers count. I once had this challenge  & still do. I didn't care much in time past, but now I do care - reason being that X pay for impressions. The X $ is a good pay for most people. An unemployed who get $50 weekly, would get a cumulative $200 month - N170,000.  There are people that get paid more weekly. This money may be nothing to some privileged people but it is life changing for many. But you need those impressions to make the money.

So how can one get the 5 million monthly impressions?


Create content on issues that you believe in or understand... Sport, Politics, Feminism, Parenting, Education, Business tips, Sport betting etc.

When you do, COPY link to your Tweet, find Accounts that post have large audience, target their fresh tweet, click reply button, in the reply, write a one or two liner of your Tweet and PASTE the link. X will highlight your tweet. Some users (not all) will definitely read/and engage.

For instance if you are a sport person, you may target  Accounts of top Analysts like Jon Champion or even Sky Sport.

If you are a politics person, you may target Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar or any top person Tweet.

If you are a $€x freak that don't mind talking about adult contents, do reviews on adult movies/stars find Twitter Accounts of popular  actors and do the needful on their "latest" tweets.

On your own tweet, engage respondents, like their comments, RT those that you align with. Follow people irrespective of their followers count.

PS: You may get between 4k to 50k impressions for each tweet if you adopt this strategy. Doing 10 tweets a day will give you comfortable impressions by just having 5k impressions per tweet should give a cumulative 4.9 million impressions in 3 months. When you add impressions from replies to tweets (yours and others), you are sure to beat the 5 million cap. Meanwhile, for those that used to be very active they may not wait for 3 months, some would join the pool of those on X Ad Revenue in few weeks or less than a month. Just One viral post and you are good!


Engage tweets of others no matter their followers count. You never can tell the BIG account that may RT or Comment under any of your Tweet. Someone like Dr Joe Abah doesn't discriminate in engagements. 

That question that you seek about a policy of government, ask him under his Tweet.

The impressions from any tweet you reply count.


Comment on trending subjects adding keywords and hashtag. You may get 500-3k views. It's very okay, because every impressions count.


Include trending hashtag in your tweet BUT don't overdo by adding every hashtag on your tweets.


1. Use of foul language: Please avoid it. Advertisers won't want to subscribe under a tweet that is abusive.

2. Spamming: Don't go about spamming your tweet link everywhere. Moderation is key abeg, make the strategy no cast

Posting on X is now a serious business,  don't fail to make it your business.  But remember, we all need each other to grow, because when we are all doing fine, the society does fine.

Meanwhile, I have been restricted from following more people, I will resume tomorrow. 

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