Sister of The Lady Who Died At Asake’s Concert Calls Him Out Over His 02 Arena Emotional Tribute

Sister of Lady Who Died at Asake’s Concert Calls Him Out Over His 02 Arena  Emotional Tribute

 Sister of lady who died at Asake’s concert calls him out over his London concert Emotional Tribute To The Deceased 

Rachael Iku, the sister of the late Rebecca Ikumelo, who died at Asake’s London concert last year has called him out over his recent London concert.

Asake shut down London with his incredible performance at his sold-out 02 Arena concert last night.

Before the start of his show, the singer paid respect to the two ladies who died at his UK concert in December.

A video was played showing the photos of the deceased, Rebecca Ikumelo a mum of two, and Gabrielle Hutchinson, a security detail, with an emotional tribute.

The crowd went emotional during the tribute as everyone held a minute of silence for the deceased.

Rachael said that her family hasn’t communicated to Asake since the tragic incident, despite the fact that he was performing in the same country only 9 months after her death.

“What a sorry excuse of a “tribute” from @asakemusik. My sister lost her life at your show and you haven’t spoken to a single member of my family since. But you can hold another concert in London less than 9 months later and play their videos as a “tribute”?

RIP Rebecca Ikumelo”

“RIP my sister Rebecca Ikumelo and also to Gaby Hutchinson”.

“Are you actually ok? Asake has not spoken to my family or I since the initial message exchanged when my sister passed away”, she tweeted.

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